Today we are re-launching the Ellipse Design site. It’s pretty simple right now, but we intend for it to grow organically.

So much has changed in the world of design – indeed, the world itself – since this company began. And, yes, the title of my inaugural post is ironic and sarcastic, but it’s also meant to be hopeful.

Every generation sees the world through collectively agreed upon filters. Today, if you live in a first or second world country the primary filter now sits in your pocket or handbag. Occasionally it makes a noise, but mostly it waits for you to look at it. Usually it doesn’t have to wait long. There are larger versions of this device for special applications, but the smallest one is the most important and all other versions must link to and acquiesce to it. This situation is not something you have a say in anymore. It just is.

You may have varying opinions on this state of affairs, and I know that I most certainly have. But my current opinion is this: Let’s try to do the best we can.